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What the punter saw

Oops, I’ve left it too late to blog properly, but here’s an eye-witness comment (one of a couple) left by an Adelaider yesterday. This hopefully demonstrates that I’m not delusional that things seem to be going well, although now that we’re in Brisbane there are a new set of challenges, e.g. the room is an unusual shape and once again I’m not sure how well we’ll sell. Anyway, the important thing to note from the below is not so much the verdict on the comedy as the glowing endorsement of my appearance. ‘The swish jacket’. ‘The hair’. You don’t expect to hear this kind of thing about Watson. Actually I’ve no idea what’s meant by ‘the hair’ as it’s pretty much the same hair I’ve had for the past ten years, but maybe I’ve accidentally stumbled upon a solution to the age-old problem of its looking a bit not-very-good. Anyway, I know you at home will be delighted to hear that I’m not just having nice shows but have become the sex icon we always knew I could be. I’ll see you tomorrow with, probably, a chastened account of a first night in Brisbane where 12 people attended and one person punched me in the face and someone else chanted ‘ugly, ugly’.

Was at the last Adelaide show and literally had not only tears streaming down the face from laughter but also was going into that hysterical chin-wobbling endless sobbing form of crying from all the laughter. All a bit of mess, actually. Great show. Am chuffed to have, over the years, always dragged more and more ppl to Mark’s shows and to be rewarded by them all becoming complete converts. Had feared, as Mark strolled about the Nova with his swish jacket and ‘the hair’, that he’d turned, that he’d gone a little rock’n’roll on us. No, he’s just dressing snazzier! You always have a place here with us Mark, Adelaide is learning to love you. Cheers.’

5 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    We need details of your “swish jacket” :)

  2. Lydia says:

    Haha, I’m with Dawn.

    There is a man who comes into the cafe I work in who wears a wig. It’s kind of hard not to be totally mesmirised by it.

  3. Glad your dress sense is improving hee hee! I have always found your ruffly (?) hair and your lovely eyes (without the glasses) completely adorable. Whether I would use the words “sex icon” to describe you I’m not sure! I think maybe, like Dawn and Lydia, I need to see this jacket of yours. Please don’t tell me it has gold sequins on it. Anywhere. At all …

  4. Misha says:

    Maybe you’ve grown into your look?

  5. Rachael says:

    Snazzy? Mark? What have they done to you? :P

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