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London and Glasgow shows

A very simple but meaningful piece of admin, today. There is now, at least, a London date on the tour schedule. It’s at the Leicester Square Theatre on November 28th. You can buy tickets for it here. The Leicester Square is slightly smaller than, say, the ten nights at the O2 that you might have been expecting from me, so it will probably sell out. I therefore urge caution and the immediate impulsive purchase of many tickets.

I’m also able to give you a link for Glasgow tickets. This show is a couple of weeks before. The Pavilion Theatre is a large place so you can afford to be relatively cool about the purchase in this case, but on the other hand imagine how much more frustrating it will be if you leave it too late and have to think about all those bastards in the theatre while you’re locked outside in the gloom of a Glasgow night.

By adding plucky newcomers London and Glasgow to the more established tour giants like Truro and Dunfermline, we have pretty much completed the plan for the autumn and winter, although with me you never quite know. The full list can be found elsewhere on the site, or on Tumblr where I continue to be surprised by the fact that my career is being catalogued slightly more accurately than it is here. I think all the shows are now on sale, apart from a couple in venues that really are struggling to get their shit together. In those cases, just march in and say ‘I know you have tickets. Give me one or I kill you.’ It is definitely worth trying more mainstream approaches before that, though.


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  1. lisan66 says:

    I seriously think you should come back to Dublin. Just saying….

  2. Jen says:

    Tour news is always good news!Jx

  3. Misha says:

    Yay! I’ll be living in London by then.

  4. Andrew says:

    Oxford on Saturday September 29th, I see. I wonder what odds I’d get on an Oxford-Bristol City game in the afternoon, followed by Watson in the evening. (For what it’s worth I don’t think either of the division changes required for this to happen actually will, and that’s before the chances of the game being played on that particular day. Still, stranger things have happened. Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask getting a series, for example.)

  5. Suzanne aka Senior Watsonian says:





    KO: 7.45 pm



  6. Jen says:

    Crossed fingers!Jx

  7. Suzanne aka Senior Watsonian says:

    Oh dear … must be my fault with the late warning! Sorry, Mark …

    Despite having more possession City lost at home to Watford by 2 goals to nil. The first on 15 minutes being an own goal by keeper David James … I haven’t heard the report yet so I’m not sure what happened there …

    The second followed five minutes later. And, to add to City’s woes, Fontaine was sent off 12 minutes before full time. This result leaves City still only one place above the regelegation zone but with a 4 point cushion … May sound nice but this cushion is not very comfortable!!!

    Obvious comment, I know but City need more points to move clear of that drop!!! Away to Middlesbrough on Saturday … hmmm!!!

  8. Knox says:

    Cool – all being well, I should be up in Glasgow by then – this may well be my first Glasgow gig (i’ll no doubt spend the first bit of the course just freaking out about what the hell i’m doing back at uni). Much yay-ness to Scotland gigging.

  9. Andrew, do you live in Oxford? I am going to the Oxford gig, may as well as I live there. Will be inviting Watson and Giles back to my village to sample the delights of the late night fish and chip van. They will probably decline, but it’s polite to be hospitable to strangers in your home county I think.

    Will also be going to the Bristol gig, whereupon I will expect hospitality in return. You’ve been told, Team Watson xx

  10. Rachael says:

    You mean you are not doing 10 nights at the O2?!

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