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Quick fact

To clarify (from yesterday), my Live At The Apollo is Thursday. If you apply for tickets for any other night you risk seeing Other Comedians. We all know they exist, we know some of their names, some of us have even met them. But let’s not encourage them.

The link is in yesterday’s Comments.

I must post this now.

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  1. Jen says:

    I like this blog- wish I could go!!Jx

  2. Suzanne aka Senior Watsonian says:

    Ditto, Jen … so what shall we do instead???

  3. Jen says:

    Hehe…knit lucky scarves Suzanne!!!Jx

  4. Nuala says:

    Other Comedians? Surely not.

  5. Suzanne aka Senior Watsonian says:

    Of course, Jen … silly me, just wasn’t thinking!!! Bungie jumping on hold then???!!!

  6. Anita Woods says:

    Hi Mark,
    We enjoyed your performance on Wednesday evening very much and thought you were remarkable having such a bad throat and jet lag. Today I came across a book I thought you might like (after hearing your zoo story):

    We Bought a Zoo (Film Tie-in): The amazing true story of a broken-down zoo, and the 200 animals that changed a family forever
    By: Benjamin Mee

    I am prepared to send it if there is an address for you.
    Best wishes, Anita.

  7. Anita Woods says:

    I forgot to mention the book is going to be made into a film called ‘We bought a zoo’ which will be out at Christmas.

  8. Misha says:

    I feel bad for not reading last night, but I did pass out early in a cocodamol induced daze.

    If I can highjack the comments though, ‘I’ve broken my hand and need advice on doing things one handed as I can’t use my right hand at all. This makes normal tasks, going to the loo, wearing a bra, brushing teeth etc, reallly rather hard.

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