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My day, by Mark Watson

No interesting subject comes to mind today, so I’ll simply use this as one of those diary entries which I hope to be pleased I bothered making when 2020 comes round.

Tomorrow I start my run at the Brisbane Powerhouse. I warmed up today by doing lots of interviews on local radio. Among other questions, I was asked:

-How has being a dad affected your comedy?
-Why do you not like cheese?
-What would be a good theme for a party?

On one station I was given the honour of reading out the weather forecast. After the interviews, I went for lunch in a sweltering restaurant. The light was almost painfully bright. The restaurant was playing ‘Silent Night’ and other Christmas classics as its ambient soundtrack. I felt pretty disorientated.

I had a photoshoot. The photographer asked if I’d ever had a ‘proper job’. Then he said oh well, I can always get one later in life. He asked if there are any funny faces I pull in the show which we could replicate in a photo. The shoot ended soon after that, thank God.

Aside from that, I’ve just been working working working on the next book. It’s getting there. I’ll be working on it for the remainder of my time here, too. It, along with the graphic novel, will come out in 2012. So probably best to start anticipating it in about September, depending on how much anticipation time you need. I will be at the Hay Festival in May to talk about Eleven, which comes out in a new edition soon. And we’re still talking about doing a London event to mark its new publication.

Now it’s bedtime. That was my day. Or a bit of my day and a bit of what’s on my mind generally.

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  1. Misha says:

    Sounds like a peculiar day. Mine was mainly spent on trains and thinking.
    If you’re stuck for a topic tomorrow, i’d very much appreciate some advice on dropping out of uni/deferring a year.

    I realised on the train today that life is too short to do something which makes me feel so sad.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I always think I have an awful lot to do all the time and then I realise that in fact I’m quite lazy compared to the amount you seem to be able to fit in. I am in awe.

  3. Lydia says:

    I always think doing interviews, and particularly photo shoots must be kind of awkward. I guess you probably get used to it?

    Photographer sounds lovely (!)

  4. Rachael says:

    James Franco had a green goblin themed party for his bar mitzvah, that’s a good theme.

  5. Jen says:

    hello all…just been catching up…im glad ive got the confidence to join in these blogs nowadays…for so long i was just a silent onlooker…anyway…your day sounds v busy….my day has been hectic too….basically me being stressed to the max at my Yr10 and 11s who will not revise…..argghhhh….i feel like im taking the exam for them….tense is not the word…..Misha i ended up doing my degree with the Open Uni…it takes longer but i found it more enjoyable…just a thought ….i had that sad feelin that you seem to be struggling with but don’t give up…
    Mark very excited by the 24 hour maybe joint venture your planning!!!…Also i watched the 24hr Panel People Comic Relief event on the web…it was really fun…i did pass out about 2ish watching QI but saw most of it…i agree..well done David!Jx

  6. You don’t like cheese? How can this be? Can’t imagine life without it, but that’s just me … thanks for blogging, even the boring bits are interesting when you write them (if you get my drift) x

  7. Kate B says:

    Annoyingly I can’t go to Hay Festival this year because of my exciting GCSE exams. Fun. Hope you have a great time though, I went last year and it was brilliant. And I’m really looking forward to the new book!
    Nice to hear you’re having a good time with the Aussies :)

  8. Sarah says:

    I still struggle with the cheese thing. I adore cheese and would seriously consider being a vegan if I could eat decent cheese. Vegan cheese is just blurgh.

  9. sephy says:

    Sarah I was thinking the exact same thing . Tried to have a vegan day today but then ate A big hunk of cheddar :-/ that cheezly just looks wrong

  10. Did we ever hear more from the whole Hot Guy Dilemma?

    That photographer sounds awful, but hey, you can’t really complain. You’re awesome enough to need pictures.

  11. Suzanne, aka Senior says:

    As we seem to have got on to food and what we did today/yesterday, I thought I’d share the following …

    I’m pretty well always needing to lose weight and so I give up chocolate & sweets every Lent which starts on Wednesday of course … It takes away that awful shall I?/shan’t? I pick up that chocolate bar decision making AND, as it’s for a limited time only, it doesn’t seem like a life sentence of deprivation!!!

    So today/yesterday I picked up lots of the “soon to be forbidden” naughty food and gorged myself … very silly but had to be done!!!

    Can’t wait for the new book … has it got a title yet, Mark???

    Happy pancake day tomorrow to one and all …

  12. Joelle says:

    I enjoyed your spot on Triple J! I thought you read the weather rather well. They normally read it really fast. You were nice and slow so I could figure out the temperatures. Very glad Perth was down to 29, below 30 for the first time in weeks.

    You day sounds like it was full of fun! (:

  13. Laura says:

    The geek in me just got a bit excited by the words ‘graphic novel’. I am a loser.

    Why is being a photographer a ‘proper job’ but being a comedian isn’t? That dude sounds like a twat.

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