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It’s been a gruelling three days. I spent Thursday and Friday rehearsing a improvised comedy pilot show (a contradiction in terms, you might think, but I was the host not one of the clever off-the-cuff persons). Then we recorded the thing last night in an astonishingly drawn-out three-hour studio session, with a remarkably resilient audience who withstood heat, pressure to laugh, and very limited toilet facilities to support us. In the middle of this I had recorded a bit for next week’s Comedy Rocks, on ITV, which was only short but involved mingling with the likes of McFly and burning up the immense amount of mental energy I expend getting nervous for these things. And then this morning I had to rise at Kit O’Clock and then go off and show my sleepy face on Soccer AM.

So, all pretty tiring, but of course not really a gruelling day at all compared with what a lot of people get up to. I didn’t have to put out any fires or patrol an area of the Gaza Strip. I’m very grateful to have the life I do. I wonder which reader of this blog has had the most tiring, or demanding, day. I invite your bids for the title. It’s always useful for the rest of us to be supplied with some perspective. If it turns out that after all, I AM more tired than any of you, I shall withdraw these sentiments about perspective and entitle the next blog ‘I Am Bloody Amazing’.

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  1. Anji says:

    You are bloody amazing!
    I’ve not really had a very hard day, altho I did avoid death by run away car! That’s not something I am forced to do every day. And it wasn’t really a death situation, but more one of those ‘if’ I hadn’t of seen the run away car moving and stopped to yell at the lady, I could have been slightly closer to the point where the car almost crashed into the wall if it hadn’t of been stopped.
    Still a lesson that handbrakes are only useful if applied. Especially on hills. Made the dog walk a bit more exciting than normal!
    You still win tho.

  2. Jen says:

    i like the fact that i was sat on my laptop planning lessons thinking to myself…im tired…then logged on to your blog to find the question…tired?
    …..but planning lessons for a week of teaching although tiring is nothing in comparison to what some have to do…the mountain of marking however…hmmmmm….tiring!Jx

  3. h2osarah says:

    Can’t say my day has been particularly taxing, what with it being Saturday, all I’ve done is walked the dog. However, I have been completely exhausted for the last week due to hitting the wall in terms of my ability to tolerate winter. We had -30 weather Monday and Tuesday this week, plus 15cm of snow on Wednesday. That pushed me over the edge. Stupid winter. Bring on longer days and fewer clothes!

  4. Hannahq says:

    Hmmm, I walked/ran in really bad weather without a coat for a bit because I’m a fool, and then did ballet, and then did art and maths homework. Not that taxing so I think so far you’re winning.

  5. Megan says:

    As harrowing as a Saturday trip to IKEA is, I am definitely not in the running.

  6. louisel says:

    Wow, you really are amazing; I felt tired just reading that! The pilot sounds great, can’t wait to see it :)
    I’ve had a massively tiring day too, but you still win. I got about 4 hours sleep, played in an orchestra for 3 hours, sprinted to the train station, got the train to London, walked up and down Oxford street for a few hours, managed to get completely lost and walked a few miles in the wrong direction, and had to babysit my little cousin. All of this on a dodgy ankle and with a killer headache.
    And I have a 2,000 word essay to do tonight. Could be interesting …

  7. I got up early and went to London on the train.

    AND THEN, I was at a travel expo.

    It was crazy.

    Now I’m exhausted. It’s crazy.

    Somehow I think Paddy will win though.

  8. Alice says:

    An excuse to moan about my day? Brilliant. I got home late last night after a long drive from hampshire to birmingham and a train to bristol. Having spent a night of vague insomnia I got up, travelled across Bristol for an eigh hour workshop on burlesque characters. After eight hours improv I met friends who are visiting from various continents and it wasn’t till after dinner I realised in my tired flustered hurry I’d lost my purse. Traipsed to and from the Brewery theatre in a vain search while my mother cancelled my bank card. Then got home with friends (who are being very nice about my stupidity) and spent an hour getting the boiler to turn on. I am now very tired indeed, so much so I shall even enjoy sleeping on my couch. Tomorrow I travel from Bristol to Oldham, again via birmingham.
    Thank you very much Goethe chance to vent about my day. I should point out that seeing my friends is a rare joy, the workshop went well and at no point did I have to raise a child, save a life or run a marathon. So I don’t win. But it is nice to get it off my chest. Grr. Sleep now.

  9. Misha says:

    I’ve not had a tiring day as such. Not that i’ve done anything (at all) merely that it took me until very late on to find the mental energy for the day. Hurrah for antidepressants eh? Nothing like rising at Kit O Clock.

  10. Kate W says:

    You’re definitely more tired than I am. Got up, had bacon, went to the library and wrote for a bit, got changed, saw an opera, had an amazing dinner, came home. Fun and really not that taxing. Ergo – you win.

  11. Joelle says:

    I doubt I’m the most exhausted people here. There are mothers and people with actual jobs.

    I am in my final year of high school, year 12. Apparently that shit’s meant to be pretty exhausting. I’m only 2 days in though so we’ll see how I feel at October before the WACE exams that determine my ATAR to get to uni.

    Also, I’m going ball dress shopping in the city today and I’ll be testing my patience with a lot of retail assistants.

    Typical teenager having a whinge post? Check. You’re most welcome.

    I have found a way to see the blog and comment again! :D I hope you have a lovely weekend (:

  12. Tibbs says:

    I woke up at a tiny noise some time after 5 this morning, but still managed to drowse until my alarm went off at 5:45, which is when I have to get up in order to get to work for the early shift. This is my third day working the early shift, and both yesterday and today were double shifts, meaning I didn’t get out of work until after 6pm both days.

    Yesterday, my first shift of the day involved doing one of the hardest stations while surrounded by people I loathe (in fact it is mainly because of these people that I’ve switch to a different department at work; unfortunately that switch doesn’t come into effect for another week and a half), whose topics of conversation mainly revolved around either how bad a job I was doing or their grotty old lady sex lives. There are some things I can never unhear.

    Today was a bit better; the weekends generally mean much nicer people are working, and I was on stations I liked during the early shift. Unfortunately for the late shift I was on a station that is both horribly monotonous and really hard on my knees/back/soul, and about half-way through I started losing the ability to form coherent thoughts. I dropped things, several people commented on the vacant look on my face and I’m pretty sure I snapped at my supervisor without meaning to. I have a bit of a problem with my knees, and it usually doesn’t bother me but I was basically hobbling by the time I got off today. To top it all of, I managed to miss my bus, which only comes every forty minutes on Saturdays.

    There is an upside to all of this, however: my mother kindly offered to drive me home, and we picked up a pizza on the way, which we then ate while watching old episodes of The Guardian and Spicks and Specks. And I don’t have to work until 5pm tomorrow. Still, it’s not yet 10 o’clock and I’m already off to bed. I plan to sleep in tomorrow!

  13. Kathryn says:

    My day has definitely not been gruelling, but I am a bit tired. Due to general studenty-ness, burning the candle at both ends and never managing more than 6 hours sleep/ getting to bed before 2am. Which is all my own fault, so I’m not complaining. I do not even qualify for this competition of whose day was the most difficult- I made soup and watched Firefly and did some reading and it was all rather pleasant.

  14. elin says:

    I had a very tiring day… well, it started nicely, with a sleep in after having spent at least 12 hours at uni, 7 days a week for the last three weeks, which is when I worked my money job last. Then I went to work, I work weekends at a nursing home. Which was all fine until someone called in sick for the night shift and I ended up doing evening plus night, with a one hour break in between to go home and grab some food and my computer (nights are slow, and I’ve got a thesis to write). It’s now eight in the morning, and I’ve just come home.

    And I shouldn’t complain, it was nice and calm at work, and I get paid well. But I’m looking forward to bed…

  15. amycool says:

    I certainly won’t win for tiredness yesterday but working the last few days with fewer staff is a rather grim omen of things to come when the library cuts start (technically they started last year but the big ones are to come). Friday was crazy with books piling up everywhere, then the evening was dead so it was rather boring with nothing to do. Saturday we only had 2 proper members of staff in with a saturday assistant who can’t use a computer and shelves approximately 10 books an hour. We had more people in than usual because of the big library campaign but it was pouring down all day so no doubt that curtailed it. However, I had 3 hour long IT taster sessions and had to do half an hour on my own over lunch so it was a bit frantic. And the saturday assistant ballsed up the till, then deleted all the reservations by mistake, amongst many other errors. She’s been trained so god knows how David Cameron thinks untrained volunteers could run a library effectively.

    I think I’m just moaning aren’t I? At least I’m off today, although ironing isn’t really my idea of relaxing.

  16. Rachael says:

    I spent the day procrastinating, now I feel abit guilty but will probably still end up doing the same thing today.

  17. Tracey says:

    Hi Mark. Not sure I can claim tiredness on a particular day or to be more tired than anyone else as my tiredness is because of medical conditions – slipped discs and anemia – never sure if I spell that correctly, probably not. Thanks to my spine, I have to sleep sitting up which I got used to in 2002 pretty quickly. The last time I lay flat was that year and haven’t done so since as I woke up paralysed from the waist down and had to throw myself out of bed in order to summon help. My varios physios don’t advocate sleeping like this but then say that they may have to recommend it to their other patients. Sorry to bang on. One thing I#ll say though if anyone needs it for pain try acupuncture – it’s pretty good. I’m aware that there’s plenty of people like yourself and those who post here who actually acomplish lots and get tired. I’m just tired anyway…Zzzz. Take care, Tracey x

  18. issey says:

    I have narcolepsy so I would say my day is quite tiring!

  19. Ingrid says:

    Yesterday was fairly tiring. I got up at 5:30 to go swimming, which for some reason i had thought would be an easy one, but we ended up doing sprints. Then i cycled home in the snow (ugh!), had breakfast and walked to the bus stop, which brought me to my piano lesson. After that i went a rehearsal for ‘The Tempest’ which lasted about 4 hours. Then on to a fiddle concert, which ran on a bit. I fell asleep on the bus home.

    Today, i got up at half past twelve and watched TV for a few hours. Not so guelling. x

  20. charlotte says:

    The tiredness was definitely worth it for the pilot. You did brilliantly (the fact that it was the one recording I’ve been to with virtually no pick ups is a testament to that fact) as did the guests. The only problem was, as you said, the heat and the uncomfortable seats – but that’s hardly your fault and the entertainment more than made up for it!
    Well done!

  21. Beth says:

    I went to the Primark on Oxford Street at 1pm on a Saturday.

    It wasn’t so much that in itself was tiring, but I bet I’ll be pretty worn out by the years of intensive therapy I’m going to need in order to come to terms with the experience.

  22. I’m constantly tired, physically and mentally, though I don’t know why because I don’t do anything tiring! It’s a general feeling of tiredness though, not the ‘I genuinely can’t keep my eyes open’ sort of tiredness. Usually.

    This certainly isn’t in the running for having the most tiring or demanding day, although I have to admit to wishing I felt tired for a good reason; I feel rather pathetic when the usual exchange is along the lines of:
    ‘How are you?’
    ‘Oh, what have you been doing?’
    ‘Er, nothing’

  23. Anna says:

    I’m quite tired, but that’s my own fault for going to my cousins 30th birthday party last night, and spending the evening running around, in heels, after my insane toddler while 38 weeks pregnant. I need to sit down for a week after spending one evening wrestling him away from the buffet table.

  24. Lydia says:

    That does sound pretty tiring.

    My day yesterday was pretty hellish. My boss and her son both had complete breakdowns while I was at work.

    He broke a toaster and then threw stuff and walked out. She started crying so I was trying to comfort her but then she sent me to go and find her son. I found him, he wouldn’t speak to me and I didn’t help by getting kind of mad at him until he came back with me. I told him to go and hug his mum but rather than doing that he sat in a corner and started crying and wouldn’t talk to anyone. His mother continued crying and freaking out about life, when like ten people came in for lunch and considering she is the only person cooking that was a big deal…

    I was just standing there not knowing what on earth to do. I was all “it’ll be okay, I’m sure” to which her answer was obviously “no it won’t!” and I didn’t even try and talk to her son because… well, because over the last few months I’ve known him I think I have said everything I could possibly say and he hasn’t cared about any of it.

    Eventually some people came in that she knew and they helped out.

    It was all very strange. Not so much with her son, because I’m used to him acting like that but when she started crying…. I mean, I’m 18 and I’ve seen adults crying my whole life but there is still that part of me that completely freaks out because I think they should be in control.

  25. Someone says:

    I keep checking back on this page, because I have a life, and everytime I see ‘Tired?’ I just think of “Nervous? Anxious? Worried?” like out of Thick Of It fame. Just thought I should share.
    I don’t do a lot of activity, these days (though, on Friday I may have, very accidentally, wandered round a famous man’s garden, when I thought it was a public footpath) so for this topic “I’m not elligible” as a Coward once said, in reference to Crufts.
    Have a Relentless energy drink; they’re excellent. (If you like the feeling of a tired mind and slightly excitable/angry limbs.)

  26. Andrew says:

    Tired? I have four children aged between 7 and 16.

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