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I’ve had some (more) slightly disappointing professional news today. Under the terms of my (celebrated) New Year’s Resolutions I can’t make any negative statements in public. This is a sensible resolution because the world is full enough of people who’ll do you down; it doesn’t make sense to join them yourself. But if I discuss the topic at any length, I’m certain to lapse into negativity. But if I tried to choose any other subject to write about, it would feel disingenuous because this is the main thing on my mind. So I can only – with regret – announce the cancellation of today’s blog. Except not a real cancellation because that would be a disaster (especially now, now that we’re more than 11 months in, and closing in on our first birthday without a single interruption). So, um. Imagine me saying something really clever, I suppose. Or at least thought-provoking or amusing. Or giving you some exciting news. Hang onto that thought and I’ll return tomorrow with, hopefully, a real-life version of what your imagination has conjured. Thanks!

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  1. Carl says:

    Hope you’re OK, mate. Without sounding as cliche as this will sound. Everything will sort itself out and you’ll be a better person for it. (Not that you are in anyway a bad person at the moment. Rest assured, you’re one of the good ones)

    Man kiss. x

  2. Anji says:

    Ah pants. It’s been a difficult Monday, and have found myself saying to more than one person today that January can ‘do one now’.
    Sorry it’s not been a great day and to add some more cliches Into the mix, things happen for a reason and you’ll find the silver lining.
    Sending lots of hugs x

  3. Suzy says:

    ((hugs)) We still love you x

  4. issey says:

    Hope you’re alright Mark, but apparently it’s #PositiveDay on twitter today so I hope you cheer up and try to stay positive! x

  5. Lisa D says:

    Is there an actual positive reaction to being on the receiving end of one of those virtual *hugs*? I’m never sure, but lets find out:



  6. Zoe Fell says:

    If this is referring to what I think it’s referring to, and about what we were discussing a little bit earlier (oh so many secrets), then it’s their loss – not yours. They don’t know what they’re missing out on. They’re foolish to the point of incredulity. All I can say is that I’m sorry. Really, really sorry. You know where we are if you need to rant and be a bit negative – everyone has a wobble now and again. Everything will be good again soon, I promise.


  7. Someone says:

    Positive vibes, as always. Have a glass of wine; watch some Mad Men; hug someone; put some tunes up loud (through earphones?). Breathe, sleep, scowl and curse: Create happiness/ignorance. :]
    [or do some punching] x

  8. ediecott says:

    Hasn’t 24th January been scientifically proven to be the worst day in the year? Something to do with credit card bills, 6 weeks between pay days and continuing murky weather? If so, you’re disappointingly average. Welcome to everybody else’s world……..

  9. Chin Up, Watty.

    (Are we allowed to call you Watty?)

  10. Jen says:

    today has been a difficult one…..everyone i’ve spoken to today has said the same….hope you’re ok …be tricked into some form of exercise…surprisingly that seemed to help me …avoid circuit training though…ouch…hehe…all the best!Jx

  11. Beau Brummel says:

    I was once turned down for a job by my best friend, who was chair of the selection panel. Mmm – that hurt a bit.

    But then I went on to get a better job elsewhere and I’m now earning about 4 times what he is (excuse the grammar). Bit of a “he who laughs last” situation?

    We don’t talk much these days.

    But I suppose the moral is something along the lines of “it wasn’t meant to be” (cliche) or “it’ll probably turn out for the best” (worse cliche). Even cliches can be true sometimes, though.

  12. Aislinn says:

    I’m not gonna bombard you with clichés, but what I will say is this: it’s not the end of the world.

    I’ll stop quoting films now. Sorry.

  13. Aislinn says:

    P.S. On a more serious note, (not that I can remember what I wrote in that book I gave you) please read my note in that book I gave you. I remember trying to sound fairly meaningful and positivity-inducing. x

  14. Misha says:

    Oh Mark *hugs*
    We love you. Very very much.

  15. I too shall add to the experiment to test efficacy of virtual hugs:


    I was thinking of ways you could get round not making negative statements in public, then realised that would probably not be helpful. … and that was a very negative statement, oops. Sorry. I usually make a conscious effort to avoid clichés because I have a tendency to use stock expressions, but what doesn’t kill us really honestly makes us stronger. (You have my word for it, because if this were untrue I’d be an utterly non-functioning, clinically insane, gibbering wreck by now!)

    ‘We are sorry to announce that today’s blog has been cancelled, due to a lack of positive subject matter. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.’ (Sorry, train-brain.)

  16. Helen says:

    I really hope you are alright. But you know, as they all say, the Mark who is a Watson is the Mark who everybody thinks is really cool and nice.

    And although, just at this moment, that may not be a well known phrase to rival that godsend-to-stalkers ‘dance like no one watching’ one, it will be one day and everyone will say it because it is true.

    Instead of a hug I will give you the letter t, capitalised – T
    (it stands for terrific because that is what you are)

  17. cymruangel says:

    I come a day late to reading this, but also thought I’d add a


    I’ve recently had a bit of a knock to my professional confidence too, and am bracing myself for more to come. But at the end of the day, it’s just work and there are more important things in life. Like chocolate – chocolate is very important ;)

  18. Rachael says:

    You are clever, thought-provoking and amusing.

  19. Tracey says:

    Hi Mark. I’m full of negativity today, having lapsed on my diet and exercise. I’m trying my best to pick it up but dark thoughts are clouding my brain – as usual. This doesn’t get any easier when your husband and daughter, although being kind and as far as they’re concerned honest say I don’t need to lose weight. My doctor, however, disagrees. I sympathize with you and can only do what others have already done and offer lots of virtual hugs. Things will improve. Tracey x

  20. Suzanne, aka Senior says:

    Oh heck … forget those virtual hugs … kind and comforting as they all are!

    Pop round … (or I’ll come to you … whichever suits) and have a real live hug … as in “a kindly, older type person” hug???!!!

    Please check your email … I have a further suggestion (probably more practical!) which I know will make you smile …

    Love and yes, you CAN have a virtual hug from me too, from the older (and ever striving towards wiser status …) Senior Watsonian X

  21. Phill says:

    Life sucks sometimes, Mark. If it helps, yesterday evening I was feeling like my entire life was falling apart. (You know what they say, misery loves company. Erm, wait, that doesn’t help. Doh.)

    Hope this doesn’t set you back too much anyway. My comfort at this time of year are the little signs that spring is coming – maybe that’s just me though!

  22. Sephy says:

    Probably won’t make much difference, but I’m sorry things didn’t go as you planned and hope you feel better about it soon. I know whatever the thing was would have been great! / will be shit without you!


  23. Shell says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had disappointing professional news and I hope you’ll feel better about things soon.

  24. Tibbs says:

    I said this on twitter already, but you are a fantastic comedian and I’m sure I’m not the only one here who’s watched a show just because you were on it! It’s always easier for people to see the things that are going badly, but try to remember all the great stuff you’ve achieve, and that we all think you’re ace!

  25. Ingrid says:

    Sorry to hear about that professional news. I’m listening to your ‘substantially better’ which is brilliant, never heard it before so i thought id just let you know… Anyway. Lets try one of these virtual hugs.


    Any better? xx

  26. Lydia says:

    I’m sorry x

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