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So fair and foul

…a day, I have not seen- as one of Shakespeare’s heroes says at some point. I think it’s Macbeth. I did do an English degree but luckily you don’t have to remember which play is which.

In other words, today was a mixed bag. The book launch went rather well. More than 200 people traipsed round Edinburgh watching me do readings and general shouting in such places as a building site and on top of a dangerous ledge. Thanks enormously if you were one of those people (I met several lovely blogulars, as I like to call regular readers).

On the other, as they say, hand- Kit had a recurrence of his infection and although it shouldn’t be too serious, he is again in a kids’ hospital overnight, and that’s where I spent the time before and after the launch. I’ve now got to dig deep into mind and body to do tonight’s show and make it good. But dig deep I shall, digging fans. See you tomorrow.

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  1. helen (@iamanicelady) says:

    keep on diggin’ mark! hope kit is better soon, from following on twitter it seemed like today went really well, always nice to see you clambering up a set of railings…


  2. Alice says:

    Very impressive resilience, Mr. Watson. Best wishes to the three of you. Glad the launch went well, would love to have been there.

  3. I followed the book launch on Twitter, hearing you invade the radio station (like a terrorist) was very entertaining. I have to say that ‘Imagine 83 pages of stuff has happened already….’ is the best introduction to a book reading EVER.
    Hugs to you, Emily and little Kit. Hope he perks up soon. x

  4. andrew says:

    Really enjoyed the book launch took some photos to mark the occasion! Yes, there are ones of you climbing the streets of Edinburgh

  5. Was following the book launch on twitter – big thank you to all those who hastagged and took pictures, looked like great fun and I’m hoping the radio stuff will be on their site soon.

    Hope Kit is feeling better soon and your show goes well tonight.x

  6. DeborahF says:

    Hope the show is going/has gone well and that Kit recovers soon. Your stamina is impressive as usual :)

  7. hornseygirl says:

    Judging by the Twitter pics, you are now well and truly launched! Well done one and all.

    I am sure you found the reserves for tonight’s show and I really hope your little one recovers soon.

  8. Melanie says:

    Glad the book thing went well! But sorry to hear about Kit, and hope he gets better asap. I’m sure your show tonight was fantastic :)

  9. Laura-B says:

    The book launch was lots of fun, I really enjoyed it. And I made my train in time. I have some good photos that I’ll put on facebook soon.
    I hope Kit is better soon.

  10. LisaBrunders says:

    Best wishes to you and Emily and Kit, relieved to hear it isn’t too serious, but still a worry. I admire your resilience and seemingly boundless energy x

  11. Chris Jones says:

    Hope it goes/ has gone well. Think of you and all your family and I hope Kit is right as rain soon.



  12. Iona says:

    The book launch was good fun! Didn’t get a chance to say hello but never mind. Got lost at one point between the pleasance courtyard and the alley but with the help of a fellow watsonian we found you hanging precariously from the ledge!

  13. Ally says:

    I’m glad the book launch went well! Hope Kit gets better soon!

  14. Charles Ross says:

    Hey! I was one of the 200 (you used me in Waterstones as the Movie Director). Great day was had by me and my friends who were there!

    All the best for Kit!

  15. Misha says:

    And a lovely launch it was too! Hope Kit get’s well soon x

  16. Catherine says:

    Good night, Watsons.

  17. Jamie/James says:

    Gutted I missed the launch thing! Heading up next week so will say hi if I see you about, might catch your show again, though i did see it in Kingston. :P Sorry to hear about Kit! Hope he recovers speedily.

  18. Kate W says:

    Dangerous ledge, Mr Watson? Glad I’m hearing about that now, when I know it ended safely.

    “So fair and foul a day” is indeed Macbeth (my GCSE English is always with me). Hope the digging deep went well; on which note, a bit of Seamus Heaney for you:

  19. Al Kennedy says:

    Really pleased to hear about the book launch; I couldn’t make it along due to work but I’m glad it all went well. Sorry to hear about Kit, I hope he gets well soon.

  20. Rachael says:

    Looking forward to the London launch, hope Kit feels better soon and it is isn’t too traumatic for the 3 of you.

  21. Lora says:

    Enjoyed the book launch so much, despite missing one part of it. It was well worth the jaunt to Edinburgh for the day. A fellow passenger on my return journey was very interested to hear of the book launch too, hopefully he’ll buy a copy :-) Hope Kit gets well again very quickly

  22. Louise says:

    Hi there,

    Really enjoyed your book launch, I too was one of the 200 traipsing round Edinburgh and for the whole of your launch, it was great fun. Thanks again for the writing tips when you did the book signing.

    Hope Kit gets better soon!

  23. heatherooo says:

    The book launch was lovely. I think one of the best bits was the look on Omar’s face when a selection of us piled into the Fresh Air studio. Priceless.

    You have my complete respect for powering through, even though your head must have been elsewhere. I do hope Kit gets better soon, and that you eventually manage to find some time to relax and stuff, after running around the streets of Edinburgh causing mayhem.

    Thanks for a lovely time. Keep digging. x

  24. Sue says:

    I’m afraid I couldn’t be at the book launch, ‘cos I’m working this week :( But I did send along my sister and her husband who live in Edinburgh, which hopefully doubley makes up for it! They made me incredibly jealous by telling me how good it was, and took photos and a mini video for me as well – not the same as being there though. And of course, they got a copy of your book on my behalf, and I look forward to reading it soon!

    And all the best to baby Watson. Maybe he’s beating all these bugs now so he’ll be immune later. My attempt to bring optimism to the situation… Hope he’s better very soon!

  25. Jorik says:

    Hope Kit gets well soon! :-(

  26. Tom Beasley says:

    I hope Kit gets better soon.

    Also, Blogulars is an excellent term! It should be used more often.

  27. Heather says:

    The book launch was fantastic! It was a wonderful way to start off my time at the Fringe, I’m really glad I made it! (I was the one who asked if you’d hurt your hand on the ledge; I forgot to say how much I like your blog, but there was a long line and I was a tad nervous). I can’t wait to see your show, and I hope Kit gets better soon!

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