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The circus

Well, I’ve written a blog (it’s about that octopus) and I was all set to post it when I got home, but will I ever get home? I’m stuck in traffic on the way back from my show – I’m not driving of course, it’s illegal to drive and blog, and it’s also illegal to drive if you can’t drive.

So I’ve little choice but to put this up as a stopgap, in case the dreaded midnight comes, and then stick the new one up as Monday’s blog when I’m home. Leading to a devastating double whammy of blogs for most of you. Apart from the amazing people who read them almost the instant they appear.

Piccadilly Circus at this time of night provokes the weird feelings of alienation and smallness which non-city-dwellers often get in cities. Normally I love big crowded places as you know, but something about the very busiest bits of London on a Sunday night is oddly unnerving. Where do all these people come from? What are they up to? Are they happy? Etc.

I can equally see how the same questions can spark off all sorts of inspiration. But not for me tonight. I’m ever so hungry and I want to be in bed. Hurry up, other cars.

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  1. helen (@iamanicelady) says:

    hope you’re home soon mark!


  2. I’m sitting next to Helen (the arrogantly named ‘nicelady’) and reading this. We’re both amazing. Get home soon please. x

  3. helen (@iamanicelady) says:

    you great big div, rachel…

  4. Zoe Fell says:

    Two blogs in the space of an hour or so? Well, that’s rather lovely. And as I said, your stopgap blogs are always good. You make an effort with them and don’t just write “Can’t blog.” That shows true dedication to the cause.

  5. Linsey says:

    It’s so strange that it’s become an impulse to check this blog before I go to bed. Looking forward to reading the big blog in the morning, hope you get home soon.
    And Helen and Rachel, you just made me smile :)
    Night all x

  6. Kathryn says:

    Currently I’m stuck in the middle of some fields in the north of England so I’m craving the city. Traffic over sheep every time.

    Hope you get home safe.

  7. Laurs says:

    Like Linsey, I’ve developed this strange routine where I have to check this blog before I can go to bed. I’ve even been known to wait up for it, even if I really should have been in bed at 10pm. Some may call it sad, I however, like many others, are just genuinely interested in what you have to say, regardless of whether it is the blog you intended or a stop gap!

    What I’m trying to say through the random nonsense I appear to have been spouting, is that I really enjoy reading your blogs.

    Hope you get home soon! x

  8. Me too – checking for the daily blog has become a ‘must do’ before bedtime: clicking the refresh button rather an embarrassing amount.

    Glad to have another lovely mini-blog.

    I wonder how many in all those other cars (passengers and drivers alike) were simultaneously tweeting or (handsfree) talking on a mobile, or even blogging (like you) I can imagine the geographical gridlocked network spinning out a multitude of data-threads into a virtual connectivity web. ‘Sorry, going to be a bit late: stuck in traffic’ Over and over again.

  9. Megan says:

    My hotel is called the Circus?

    That’s all I got.

  10. Megan says:

    Oh, except that I was in Piccadilly Circus last Sunday. It was crowded, but since I live somewhere with sad nightlife, I just thought it normal for anywhere else.

    (The most exciting thing that happened around the Circus was that Paul Merton brushed by me with a tray of drinks. I have a very glamorous life.)

  11. Rachael says:

    I don’t think I will ever understand you love for the crowded city, there isn’t room for any goats for a start!

  12. Misha says:

    London is as a whole weirdly busy at any time of day.
    Like last year me and my friend Adam found some people playing football on the soutbank at 2.30 am whilst we got lost looking for waterloo travelodge again.
    As it turned out we got directions from the lovely Tim Fitzhigham (left past the evil shell building), a weird night.

    This comment is late, and non-sensical.

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