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Where's the party?

A few weeks ago I boldly admitted that I had never really got into Doctor Who – never got into it whatsoever, in fact – and received a lot of kindly advice for putting right this apparent lapse in my cultural consumption. I threw the topic open for others to admit to things they had ‘never quite got’, and there was a very wide range of responses, taking in – among other icons – chocolate, going out, the Rolling Stones, the whole Twilight thing, and most disturbingly of all (in reverse order) food and ‘The Simpsons’. I said at some point I’d come back and list some of my closet dislikes. Or rather not dislikes as just apparent blind spots, things which I can’t seem to share with their many appreciators, things which leave me with that feeling of not having been invited to the party. Or more accurately, I’m invited, but then when I get there, everyone is playing one of those party games where you have to guess which famous person you are, and they’re all stoned and laughing uproariously, and I slink around in the kitchen for a while  and leave after drinking one beer.

None of this is meant to demean any of the (more successful than me) people who created the various objects of my bemusement; just to put it out there and vent the feeling, same as I did with Doctor Who. I’ll do a sentence on each.

Bo Selecta/Keith Lemon/other incarnations of Leigh Francis: makes me feel I’m on a different planet from the audience. Don’t understand where the gag is. It’s like watching something in Swedish.

South Park: at uni everyone adored it but me. Has its moments, but the vulgarity gets tired quickly, so does the deliberately crap animation, and the half-done characters. But this is only my opinion. It could just be that I’ve never recovered from the fact that my college room looked weird to people without a Cartman poster.

Formula One: Famously, I love sport. But I can’t care about motor racing. I think it’s not being able to see the drivers. I only love sport if I can see the people doing it. Maybe that’s it. Actually, thinking about it…

Cars: I just don’t seem to be able to muster any interest in them. I don’t even have one. I don’t like Top Gear. I don’t read stuff about cars in magazines. I don’t ever lust after Alfa-Romeos and so on, the way many young men do. I can hardly tell a Mini from a… you know. Those big ones. I mean, don’t get me wrong, cars are ever so useful. But I don’t get them as a lifestyle/leisure interest.

Eminem and almost all hip-hop: If you’re not big on rap, hip-hop and their various subgenres, you fear you might be racist, but luckily I don’t much care for Mr Mathers either. It’s annoying for me though as I do tend to count myself as a music buff and would like to embrace all genres like these insanely-into-music fans on forums. And I don’t mind a bit of Kanye. But ‘a bit’ is normally enough. Most of the time I just feel like I’m being shouted at. A whole Eminem album is like being told off. I hate it when people talk about how tuneless/derivative ‘modern music’ is meant to be, because it’s nonsense, music is getting better and better, and hip-hop is one of the biggest genres of the past 20 years, so it would be really handy to like it to support my own argument. But on the whole I don’t. There’s also the misogyny and the gun-worship, but that’s another, more complex post. Anyway. I’m still willing to be wrong on this one.

Lager: Not very nice. And takes fourteen years to drink enough t0 get pleasantly drunk.

Damn it, I have to go and do something else now. There are quite a few more that I didn’t get round to. There’s a lot of the cultural universe I don’t comprehend. Maybe I’ll make this into an occasional feature. See you tomorrow for results of the book competition and a whole lot more. Or just the results. Depends how my day goes.

40 Responses

  1. Anji says:

    I’m starting to feel I have a lot of dislikes in common with Mark. Altho some of these I know and learn about but that doesn’t mean I ‘like’ them.
    Firstly I hate stupid party games, actually partys in general where everyone else is totally out of it and find non funny things *really* funny. It’s not, however unlike them, I will remember everything the next day.
    Keith Lemon etc annoys me, I can’t watch even if I would want too. I want to slap him and tell him to grow up. However I imagine being him and having his money for doing stupid things would make you quite smug. I also imagine he’s smug in real life and just as annoying. He may not be, but I’ll never meet him so I do t feel I have to be nice!

    F1, I think the silly race times don’t help, and for this I can’t watch. Plus the noise gets annoying.

    South park, I have watched a few but more because it was late after work and the remote was too far away to change to anything less annoying. But I’m not really a fan if many cartoony things, apart from Disney. Says more about me I’m sure.

    Cars – I don’t drive but quite like to know a little about them. From a family of a lot of males its something I’ve had to do. Only enough to get me through a conversation. And top gear, the challenges are the best bits.

    Hip hop, rap stuff. I know my Jay-Z from my Fiddy. Ish. My other half is very hip hop, rap style, in the music sence, in every other sence he resembles nothing of it. I would know nothing about it if it wasn’t for him, and more to the point spending hours on car trips listening to it.
    It helped when I was a youth worker, I could impress the kids. Now I just like to repeat the amazing lines, and see my boyfriend roll his eyes and tell me ‘ladies don’t swear’.

    Things I don’t get – middle lane hoggers on the motorway, everything in fashion having flowers or stripes on at the moment and a work related hate, people giving me their life story on the phone, I only want their name and a contact number.
    I accept these aren’t huge hates, more things that have been highlighted to me over the weekend!

  2. Laurs says:

    Mostly when it comes to hip hop, I agree with Mark, however, Dan le sac vs Scroobious Pip are awesome. Check out Thou Shall Always Kill to see what I mean (and trust me when I say that it’s probably not what you’re expecting!)

    I love them and think Pip is a lyrical genius.

  3. Ben says:

    i’m similar on a lot of these.

    i want to like rap, but haven’t so far (hey, there’s some rapping in the gorillaz… does that make me hip-hop?)

    bo’selecta is all i’ve seen from that guy. thought it was shit. not from another planet, just from this one and shit.

    but southpark? i love that show. the later series are better (tired cliche but true) and a lot less of the crude-for-crudes-sake. there’s one episode when butters gets hit in the eye with a ninja star and they try to make him look like a dog so they can get a vet to help him, because any doctor would ask why he had a ninja star in his eye… and there’s this other one where… ok, i’ll stop.

    i am epicly looking forward to the book results tomorrow. and the ‘whole lot more’ sounds helluva intriguing.

  4. Terry says:

    Two things today, one, I don’t understand how you manage to get people to enter your competitions, I’ve had one entry on the little task I set on my blog so I thought I’d post the link on here and hopefully some more people will enter, you enter to if you wish. The prize is a mystery prize ie. not yet decided.

    Secondly,you mentioned hip hop, I’m also not a big fan but i got sent a link earlier to a very clever fella doing some of the old rapping, very good and it’s not angry!

  5. Terry says:

    Also just saw Laurs talking about Dan le sac Vs Scroobious pip, I have to agree they are awesome. I saw them last year at Glastonbury and it was one of the performances that made my weekend.

  6. Anna says:

    I don’t get rap/hip hop either. I liked Jay-Z at Glastonbury, but I think that’s probably because I was quite drunk, as I listened to him once I got home and thought he was a bit dull. I second/third those who have recommended Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip though- who I have discovered due to my TYSIC. (I had been meaning to listen to them for a while and not got around to it, as they come from my home town. Possibly the only good thing to come from there)
    Cars- I don’t drive, so maybe that’s why I’m not interested. Though I’m fairly sure that, even if I did drive all I would care about is if it started and got me to where I wanted to go.
    I like lager though. In fact, I have some in the fridge, so I’m going to get one now.

  7. Misha says:

    I’m actually with you on all of these, the only thing F1 is good for is getting off to sleep, its quite hypnotic on TV. On the track it’s incredibly dull; my Dad is a car nut and once took me to goodwood with him.

    Unlike you I do have a car and I am learning to drive (grudgingly) but I was given the car on extended loan and my Dad is teaching me so it’s not really though any particular choice. It’s green, I believe its a vauxhall astra, it’s old enough that despite accidentally leaving it unlocked for 3 weeks recently no-one nicked it. I do vaugely know car related things though, mostly because my Dad works for landrover, and I was the only child for 9 years; he decided to try to get me into cars. He’s tried the same thing with my brother, and failed.

    I’ve come to the conclusion this weekend I don’t get facebook.

  8. Emmy says:

    Yes! Someone else who doesn’t get cars!

    Not only do I not get them, I hate them, which is a very strong word to apply to a lump of metal but there you go. I’ve been hit a couple times by them while cycling (never terribly badly, thank god, knock wood) but I’m convinced that the world would be a better place without them. Just public transport, bicycles, feet, and a special lane for motorcycles. That is my wish for the world.

    Oh, and I generally don’t like any beer-y thing. Good cider is magnificent though.

  9. Helen says:

    I totally agree on the Bo selecta/Keith Lemon thing, I really really don’t get it at all.

    As for hip hop/rap, I am also inclined to agree – I particularly hate the way they all big themselves up. However, I recently heard a chap called Sage Francis (I think that was his name) on the radio with a song ‘best of times’. This is a nice little rap, in fact it’s the best of all the raps I’ve heard. It’s not egotistical and the words don’t all merge into a lyrical torrent of anger. I’m hardly an expert but there you go.

  10. i’m pretty similar on all these things too.
    the only one i can pretend to understand is cars. but only to the level where i can tell you facts about my own, nothing more. for example, his name is Lucky, he’s green and old, and occasionally refuses to start. sometimes people throw paint over him. AND he has a K9 air-freshener. apart from that, i’m stuck. i had to phone my dad from halfords the other day to ask if Lucky was a hatchback or not.
    i think this would probably qualify me as a car owner, rather than a fan. i hope it’ll stay that way!

  11. Irwin says:

    I really hold quite similar opinions on most, if not all these ‘things.’

    I remember being about 12 and everyone was going on about South Park. I didn’t even know what it was. It turned out it was on really late because it was too badly animated/too ‘edgy’ to be broadcast pre-watershed and I used to read from about 9 until about 11.30pm. I wasn’t very cool at school. Or popular.

    F1 is to scaletrix what football is to subbuteo, but not as good.

    In all fairness to Eminem ‘Stan’ is fairly good as a five minute or so epistolary story. I don’t like to dismiss entire genres of music, but it’s not really for me. The Elton John/Tupac song Ghetto Gospel is quite good as far as duets from beyond the grave go.

    You don’t look like a lager drinker. If I were to guess I’d say you were more of a Bulmers Original drinker…

  12. Rachael says:

    Weirdly I complete agree with all of those, just don’t get ‘em. A little bit of Kanye is alright though.

  13. Lynsey says:

    I agree with most of what you listed. I’ve never understood why people find Leigh Francis and his various alter egos so funny. Watching F1 makes me dizzy. As for Eminem, I’ve had a strong aversion to him ever since I was subjected to “The Marshall Mathers LP” at full volume by the person in the room next to mine when I lived in halls at uni.

    I have to say that I love South Park, although I admit that the vulgarity can be a bit much sometimes.

  14. Someone says:

    Ah I’m with you on all of these, especially cars, exCEPT… South Park has had some quality moments and Eminem is a genius of a man. At least his lyrics are genius – his lifestyle choices are slightly more suspect, and I kinda think he’d benefit from a real-life Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind type scenario. I do think a lot of rap is pretty dull and a bit mundane but the querky stuff is good, with a catchy melody y’know – stuff like Gym Class Heroes and Hed pe, although embarrassing to admit to due to dubious lyrics, as you mentioned, but I do rather love it. Ah well, each to their own :]

  15. Sarah says:

    I never got into South Park either. My roommate is always going on and on about the latest episode and I try to convey my obvious disinterest with a bored facial expression, but it never works.

    It probably doesn’t help that I’ve only seen the show a handful of times, and three of those happened to be the same episode.

  16. Corey says:

    I sometimes like South Park but the joke wears thin quickly. It just can’t compete with The Simpson’s which has to be the best show ever since the dawn of time!?!.
    F1 is soooo dull, the only thing I’ve seen which is worse is the Indy 500 in America…..500 laps of an oval track!…are you friggin kiddin me??
    Cars, as long as it gets you from here to there without breaking or embarrassing you….who cares what it is.
    The main thing I don’t ‘get’ is Golf……..I love sport but cannot get myself interested….even when The Steve Rider Cup is on!!

  17. Anna Lowman says:

    I have almost no knowledge of hip hop but what I do know is that Jurassic 5’s eponymous album is melodic, hugely fun and, I’d say, worth a go mark, if you’re not already familiar with it.

    The biggest “thing” I don’t get is Harry Pottef – my dad got the first book before the franchise went huge and so I read it without any preconceptions. I got bored within a few pages and never finished it!

  18. LisaD says:

    It such a relief to hear people saying the don’t like South Park. In the States that’s a sin for anyone under 45. It’s the best way to put yourself in the uncool camp. You don’t think South Park is funny? Oh well better go stand over there with Tipper Gore and the Christian teenagers that spend their summers going door to door trying to make people talk about Jesus.

    I thought it was funny enough at first, but the “anyone is fair game” attitude got to me quickly. Take their version of addressing starvation in Africa. Funny in places, but what made Sally Struthers a fair target, other than being funny on “All In the Family,” dedicating her entire adult life to charitable works and gaining weight when she got older? The thing is, not everyone is fair game, Parker and Stone aren’t. Not only is their wit always pointed out never in, but if anyone dares to say anything uncomplimentary they get shredded on the show. Thin-skinned hacks.

    I do like hip hop though. In my youth I was a punk with a weakness for metal and my fondness for rap began when Run DMC covered Areosmith. Not long after that Public Enemy went on tour with Anthrax and I realized rap, metal and punk have a lot in common; being young angry broke and broken feels pretty similar regardless of what neighborhood you’re trying to grow up in.

  19. Natalie-Helen says:

    I’ve never got Bo’selecta either! And pretty much all of his incarnation. I feel like someone has whispered the punchline to everyone else but me!

    Also don’t really care for Ali G and other Sacha Baron Cohen creations.

    And my friends kill them selves laughing over that “I’m on a Boat” song but it’s such a poor attempt at what I can only assume to be parody and satire. I just look at like, right yer I get it you’re on a boat because you are a hip hop star. A mutha fucking one. Ah thats because hip hop is famous for being all sweary. Comeback when you’re at Tim Minchin’s funny level.


  20. Maddie says:

    I never got Bo Selecta, am pleased that I am not so different in my indifference.

  21. Dan says:

    Every time I read your blog I feel more and more like a mini-you.

    Bo-Selecta: total crap. For same reasons.

    South Park: I like comedy put is being horrible to people and offensive really that funny?

    F1: Cars going round a track. All my mates love it but I just get bored.

    Cars: I’ve been old enough to drive for over a year but I have no interest in having a car. It pollutes so much and I can walk or get a bus pretty much anywhere anyway.

    Hip-hop: I like the more mainstream sounding stuff but mostly I hate it. And yes the whole gun-worship thing puts me off too.

    Lager: Also dislike.

    Also I don’t get: why people find the need to constantly text each other, girls holding hands for no particular reason and equally having to go to the toilet together. And watching test cricket matches that last for 5 days!

  22. Ed Holroyd says:

    I agree with you on pretty much all of these. I’ve gone through phases of liking Hip Hop, but the last one of those ended about 13 years ago. Formula One confuses me. Is it a team sport or an individual sport? They race for teams but, if they work together, it’s seen as akin to cheating. Also, it’s the opposite of all the other sports I can think of in that it’s much more entertaining when it’s raining.

    My own musical blind spot is The Fall. People I share a taste in music with love them. Bands I like cite them as an influence. But I just can’t get into them.

  23. david says:

    South Park is actually fantastically written and thought out for a show that most people see as just vulgar kids. The fact that they write it the week it airs means they can be more topical than any other animated show (9 months an episode for most). The crappy animation is not intentional but necessary. They make it in six days, which is also why the cast is about three people. It has changed a lot over the years from just being funny to becoming increasingly political and satirical. They acknowledge this themselves. This past week was an important one for south park and for television history as they animated the prophet Mohammed and left the censoring up to the network.

    They may sometimes be a little too topical to be hilarious but when they get something right it really is one of the best shows on television. They avoid preachiness by showing that both sides of most arguments are stupid and their willingness to evolve and move on has meant they’ve stayed fresh compared to other brilliant animated shows. It isn’t as funny as the first six seasons of simpsons, but then, that was sixteen years ago…

    On the other hand, it might be too late for you. I’m not sure someone joining in now would enjoy it as much and you’re a busy man.

    Also, Robert Popper just joined their writing staff.

  24. Laura B says:

    I know nothing about cars. I can manage the colour, but I have no other way of telling one car from another.
    I do like Formula 1 though….


  25. Phill says:

    Hmmm. I think you might find you would get into cars a bit more if you had one. Just drawing from my own experience really – I didn’t care about cars when I was growing up, but then I got my own one and started taking an interest. Casually, mind you, probably in the same way that you like Hip Hop.

    speaking of which, I think there’s a gap between “chart” hip hop and “proper” hip hop. Eminem, in my opinion, does not represent the best that rap / hip hop have to offer. That said, I don’t really listen to it much – know a few DJs who play it and sometimes listen to their sets. I enjoy it then.

    Oh, and 100% agree with you on the lager. Or at least, the crappy stuff we often have in this country. Give me a real ale, or a Belgian beer (or a German beer) over some poor quality lager which tastes like, well, nothing really. But then I would say that, I’m a member of CAMRA ;)

  26. Max says:

    I’m a music snob that prides himself on being able to enjoy almost any kind of music. But rap leaves me cold. I’ve tried though, some early wu-tang and cypress hill I enjoy, but that’s about it and it’s been tears since I picked up a rap or hip hop record.

    The one thing I don’t understand though (and forgive the cliche) is women. I’ll try my best not to appear like a resentful bastard, but I was dumped less than two weeks ago and it still hurts. I don’t get why the nice guy never gets the lady. I’m getting tired of the “you are the nicest, sweetest, more gentelmanly guy I’ve ever been with,,…. BUT”.
    And then they go, date am asshole, get hurt and when they need someone to make them feel like a woman, worthy of respect, they call me back.
    Man. I’ll never get that.
    The obvious solution is to become the asshole. Yeah, I tried that. But it’s just not me.
    Since this place is loaded with nice guys… How do you guys deal with these crazy ladies?? (women of the forum, do not take it personal. I know many of you are rather normal. It’s the broken heart speaking, not me)

  27. Laura says:

    I hate hip hop. My boyfriend isn’t keen either but likes a few artists – Mos Def and Saul Williams mainly. He has tried to convert me to these but I just can’t take to it. He did, though, introduce me to Dan le Sac v Scroobius Pip as a kind of entry-level hip hop. And although I like that very much, I have advanced no farther along the hip hop chain. Laurs is right – Pip is a lyrical genius; anyone who can make the periodic table entertaining deserves some credit. And there is definitely no gun-worship or misogyny present.

    Ben – I love Butters! That episode made me a bit sad. That said, I don’t watch South Park religiously; while I have found some eps very funny, I can watch others and raise nary a smile.

    Lager is fine when you are a teenager dipping your toe into the world of alocohol, but beyond that I really see no place for it. I would far rather drink wine or real ale. And occassionally cider if it is very sunny and I’m at a festival (this must mean that I haven’t drunk cider since 2006 at Latitude – the first time I saw you live, by coincidence).

  28. glamlovinkitty says:

    I’ve never seen Bo Selecta, because on the basis of the adverts for it, I know I would loathe it.

    I also don’t like South Park, or F1, or hip hop, I’m not that interested in cars and hate driving.

    Reality tv is a thing Ive never got. Ive never watched big brother (even for a moment out of curiousity) or any of that kack. I dont watch strictly, or x factor, and end up sitting silently through a lot of conversations as a result!

    Also facebook. Never joined, never looked at it, not interested.

  29. Keith Lemon: annoys me beyond belief. I have no idea what Bo Selecta is but I guessed by the title it probably wasn’t my thing (much like Fonejacker / Borat / all of that idiocy).

    South Park: I’m sure it has some amusing moments, but I couldn’t care less – I WILL NOT WATCH on principle. I refuse to subject myself to that sort of mindless vulgarity.

    Formula One: Boring.And too noisy!

    Cars: I only became interested in them when I was learning to drive (I like to know vaguely how everything works) and suddenly Top Gear started to make sense! However, my interest in them is mainly for the purposes of practicality – I don’t care how beautiful people say muscle cars are, to me they’re usually ugly, and I just can’t reconcile the thought of wasting all of that money.

    Cars: the nerdy version. I’m a trainspotter and a bit of a geek by nature. I like to know what engine different cars have, and whenever I see a car I instantly look at the make, model, engine size, registration letter / year, whether it has alloy wheels, etc. (All within a few seconds.) Not that it’s at all relevant – just like the train details I collect, it’s unlikely to come in useful any time soon!

    Hip hop: I appreciate some individual songs when I hear them, but on the whole I find it musically unsatisfying … and the vocals tend to bug me. Actually, since I’ve learned about Bel Canto most vocals in ‘pop’ (VERY general term) bug me because singers stay in their chest voice and everything goes over the hard palate, nothing’s allowed to resonate because the soft palate’s permanently dropped …


    Lager: I don’t drink. I don’t like the taste of alcohol and I don’t like the smell of it either. The only two exceptions that I’ve found to this are teeny-tiny amounts of Tia Maria (by which I mean, a drop on the end of my little finger) and Jamieson Whisky with cranberry juice. However, I may find the next time I try these two, I might not be able to stand the smell anyway! (And wine just plays havoc with my digestive system.)

    … which leads me onto my main ‘thing I don’t get’ – alcohol! I don’t see the point. I can’t even use it in cooking due to wine disagreeing with me.

  30. Carey says:

    I agree on most points (as many people seem to which is weird with this blog, I get the feeling that if one day we all met up we’d all get on very well and agree on almost everything. It’s weird in a good way.)

    I like some hip hop, but by some I mean the odd song here and there, although I get quite mixed up between hip hop and rn’b (is that how it’s written?). Mostly it is just shouting and I find the inherant sexism quite hard to stomach. There are some fairly amusing lyrics which have been pointed out to me though, mostly sexist and crude, but still funny. Most recent one was ‘b*tch stay flooded like new orleans’ which really cracked me up! Doesn’t really seem that funny now but hey ho!

    I have so much more respect for you now that I know you don’t drink larger. I include also in the category of larger ‘strongbow’. The worst drink ever made.

  31. clara81 says:

    Think I agree with you on most of these…

    I just can’t listen to hip-hop, with the odd exception of a little Eminem, but only if I’m in the right mood, and can ignore all the violent/sexist comments.

    I can’t drink alcohol, it sets off my IBS within minutes. But when I could, I avoided larger at all costs. Except in Snakey-B. Which was vile, but what everyone drank at uni, and seemed to get you to that pleasant state of inebriation in a timely manner, especially when a friend spiked it with a double vodka…

  32. Heather says:

    Totally with you on the issue of South Park. For all the points you raise plus I just find the way they talk grates on me so much it feels like my brain cringes every time I hear it.

    Also with you on pretty much every other “thing” you’ve listed, with the possible exception of lager. I say possible because I’m not entirely sure what lager is. Is it all beer, or specifically dark beers? I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan either way, but I don’t hate light beers, as they give me something to at least fiddle with when I’m out “drinking” with friend but don’t really want to drink.

  33. david says:

    wow i’m surprised how many people don’t like south park or won’t watch it because it is ‘vulgar’, whatever that means. also Musicallottie, please don’t lump in borat with fonejacker and bo’ selecta. Sacha Baron Cohen is an incredibly brave and talented man. You may be sick of the brits abroad wearing mankinis and the frat boys saying ‘very nice’, but Borat was an important and intelligent movie which exposed prejudices in america. it was also very very funny.

  34. david says:

    sorry, just realised i entered into an argument with someone on the internet about having an opinion. apologies. x

  35. Charlotte says:

    I agree with most of what you said really!

    South Park and Boselecta – They have vaguely entered my consciousness but I just didn’t find them funny at all.

    Formula One – My dad likes it but to me they might as well be showing the same five minutes of footage again and again (Is it REALLY necessary to go round fifty or so times?)

    Hiphop – Totally agree on the angry sadist misogyny. However, I have found a few that are less annoying. Someone else mentioned Ghetto Gospel (Tupac/Elton John), which has sung parts and somewhat better lyrics than most, thus making it tolerable.
    Also, try the Flight of the Conchords’ ‘Hurt Feelings’ and ‘Hiphopopotamus Vs Rhymenocerous’ for a satirical parody of the genre.

  36. Ben Draper says:

    No lager for Mark, just Pear Cider ;)

  37. Caleb says:

    -Bo Selecta/Leigh Francis thing totally agree, really overrated (but then I believe all catchphrase comedy is)

    -South Park, I will admit I like it, yes it’s crude and badly done, but I appreciate the challenging of Middle America’s sensibilities.

    -As for lager, I can see where you’re coming from, it doesn’t go down as well as a nice cider, and it certainly doesn’t refresh you. Plus am I the only one who feels like it’s exacerbating the dryness of the mouth when smoking on occasion?

    -If you wanted to give intelligent hip hop a try, you could always give Sage Francis a listen, I’d personally highly recommend the song “Slow Down Gandhi”. There’s also Blackalicious, or Gift of Gab, as he’s the one mainly responsible for it. Jurassic 5 has a nice mellowness to it.

  38. Knox says:

    Totally snap to that whole list!

    “Most of the time I just feel like I’m being shouted at. ”
    I had this exact sentiment when I went to the Blackstar concert on Tuesday (birthday present for my sister) – the main highlight was De La Soul, who had quite a good stage presence, and a bit of musicality. There were other good bits (especially when we got round the mountain of a man stood in front of us), but mainly I have to say it was my least favourite gig ever – possibly even worse than when I went to see Newton Faulkner: got there v late, so were right at the back; stood next to a woman who kept ‘dancing’, and wacking me with her bag, and who got v arsey when i pointed it out in what i thought was a non-confrontational manner…; watched my friend get progressively drunk, and later had to clean up after he attempted to be sick in another friend’s toilet… actually, maybe the Blackstar concert wasn’t so bad after all. But I think the closest I’ll get to liking hip hop is absolute devotion to Scroobius Pip.

    Have only just started reading other comments on here:
    “I love them and think Pip is a lyrical genius.” – Laurs – you just became one of my heroes. As is Pip.

  39. Knox says:

    Having read a few more comments, and giving it a little more thought, I realise there is some hip hop I do like – some that’s a little more musical, and some of the old skool stuff, like de la soul, run dmc, and conscious hip hop (which sounds really wanky, but just means it’s not going on about ‘bitches and bling’) like Poetic Pilgrimage and stuff. Does Will Smith count as hip hop? I remember owning one of his albums once.

  40. Knox says:

    oh yeah, last thing – a few more dan le sac vs scroobius pip songs for you.

    this is almost the total opposite of being told off – it’s like a giant hug with a hip hop beat:

    a really beautiful take on the concept of beauty:

    oh yeah, and Benin City are awesome! although they possibly class as afro funk just as much as hip hop. Also, this should help: “Benin City’s single ‘Work,’ was played on Sky Sports’ SoccerAM ”

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