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I’ve been aware for the past few weeks that I’ve come crashing into the blogosphere like I’m the first person ever to write and publish my thoughts on the internet, laying claim to an audience I don’t necessarily deserve, while other people have been conscientiously a-blogging away for years without making a great big fuss about it. It feels a bit like being one of those people who get into a band slightly after everyone else, and then buy twice as many T-shirts and name-drop B-sides to make up for lost ground. So today, in keeping with the ‘taking a bit of a break’ theme of my weekend blogs, I’m going to recommend some other blogs that you could profitably read. While you do this, I’m off to watch the rugby and be wee-d on by my son. A lot of people are far more familiar than I with the Kingdom Of Blogs, so if you know a good one, do leave a comment recommending it. Feel free to use this shamelessly to promote your own. I’m always using the internet for shameless promotion. I think I’m probably the first person to think of it.   Witty, good-looking chap out of Cowards, and the second series of my radio show. Funny pictures, songs, and so on.  Witty, rake-thin chap out of Cowards. Amusing, low-key observation.  Perceptive stuff about TV and other artforms by a thoroughly nice, and clever, TYSIC participant.  One of comedy’s most celebrated blogs, foul-mouthed, misanthropic, bitter and funny. An extraordinarily long-sustained blog by an amiable comic colleague of mine. Something a bit different here. My brother decided to become the world’s youngest international football coach. Now he is. This blog charts his odd story.

Enjoy these, and keep going with the challenge. I’ll be watching you. I have many eyes. Well, two.

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  1. Zoe says:

    Thanks for the blog ideas Mark. I do already look at a couple of those above as I follow Michael and Tiernan on Twitter too. I’ll definitely have a browse at the others this weekend though. I don’t have a blog of my own so no shameless promotion from me. Happy being wee-d on day.

  2. ElizabethD says:

    I know it isn’t really my place to ask favors on someone else’s blog, but I’ve been looking about the interweb for other people’s TYSIC-themed blogs and while I’ve found a few I know there are more out there. So, since Mark has generously encouraged self-promotion here, I’d like to add my plea that people post (or re-post) links to their blogs. Here’s mine:

  3. Remember that now you’re a father you have eyes in the back of your head as well as in the front!
    Some parents use the ‘eyes everywhere’ approach but I think that’s just overkill.
    I’m going to try and blog about my TYSIC once a week at least at I don’t expect anyone to read it but I’m merely following Mr Watson’s instructions!

  4. Lisa Brunders says:

    Morning Mark,
    I was out walking before half seven this morning! I’ve come home and done all sorts. Normally I’d still be in bed. That’s the tysic effect! Although I think the (almost) arrival of spring has helped too. Feel great.
    Yours is the only daily blog I read, but I’ve read 2 or 3 others here and there.
    I shall give the others a try. Thank you.
    Enjoy the rugby.

  5. Misha says:

    I feel a bit special/nerdy that bar yours I already read those.
    Oh dear.

  6. Mark Watson says:

    Yes. If you are reading this and you have a TYSIC blog, definitely post a link here. Some people have done this before but it is quite hard to keep track and it’d be nice to have them all in one place until we have a corner of the Forum devoted to it.

  7. Terry says:

    I thnk this is now my favourite blog but richard herrings warming up is also very good

  8. Jamie0S says:

    Just wanted to say that since mentioning here what I intended to do in ten years, everything has gone wrong towards that intent.

    Plenty of time though!

  9. Emily says:

    As my blog *insert shameless self-promotion here – link in my name* explains, I am having a TYSIC filled weekend. OK so technically I’m failing at challenge 3 right at this very minute but I’m having a very short break from progress on challenge 4 whilst also managing some of challenge 6. (See what I did there – now you’ll just *have* to go read my latest blog post to know what each of the challenges I’m referring to are)

  10. Simon says:

    Hi, I’m Simon and I’m running the length of the Central line.

    Here’s my blog:

    Here’s a map:

  11. Olga says:

    one of my challenges was to keep a blog going, as i have never kept a diary for more than 3 days and ive always wanted to. it is actually going pretty well, with 1-2 posts a day, mainly about my life and thoughts (BOOOORIIIING) and a TYSIC update every now and again too. And yes, Im going to shamelessly promote it here. Link in the name! :L

  12. louise says:

    I like Richard Herrings daily blog, which is under Warming Up at .

    I am looking for 10 TYSIC-ers to donate blood if anyones interested visit my blog, just click on my name. Thanks!

  13. Simone says:

    I like (and am already subscribed) to your blog recommendations.

    Shameless promotion you say? Ok.

  14. Anna Lowman says:

    How generous of you to send the lovely TYSICites my way, thank you Mark! I wholeheartedly endorse all the blogs on this list, and can’t wait to get stuck into all the TYSIC blogs posted here.

  15. Phill Sacre says:

    My TYSIC blog is a sub-category of my main blog, which you can find here: (that link should take you to all posts in the TYSIC category…)

    In terms of other blogs, I read the Dilbert blog (Scott Adams), who blogs pretty much every day. Some of his are hilarious, my favourite recent one is Man Points.

    Max Barry, another author, writes a good blog although doesn’t write on it very much:

    Well that’s probably enough for now!

  16. Rachael says:

    I don’t write one, i’m better at reading really. Whilst this is obviously the best one there is, I do on occasion read this one too:

  17. amycool says:

    My blog is ridiculously self-centred but now I’ve discovered you can put pictures up, it will at least have something to distract your eyes from the incessant jabbering words. It’s almost exclusively TYSIC-related.

    I don’t think I had ever read a blog before Mark’s came along. It’s like a whole new world. Now I just need to find a way to balance reading them with going to work and doing things.

  18. I would fully agree with all your recommendations there Mark, and I’ll try and read as many of the other TYSIC blogs that I can. Like many others before me you can get to my blog (sometimes about TYSIC and sometimes not – yesterday for instance I blogged about secrets).

    Also, I know there’s a few people out there whose challenge, like mine, is weight loss. If you’re looking for inspiration you could do a lot worse than have a look through the archives of my friend Shauna’s blog at
    She managed to lose half her body weight! And when you’re starting at 25st that’s no mean feat!

  19. Actually, in addition to that, let Shauna be an inspiration to all you bloggers and writers out there. After blogging for 6 years, anonymously at first, Shauna actually got her (edited) blog published in a real life made of paper book!!

  20. Misha says:

    Since we’re playing the tysic blog game I’m occasionally referincing it on mine
    end shameless plug

  21. James Walker says:

    Here is my TYSIC blog.

    I will update it weekly, and I also learn a new word every week. This weeks word is courtesy of ‘Urban Dictionary'; it’s ‘Recrap’.

    My non-TYSIC blog can be found here.

    Mainly nonsense that one. Drawings, proper blogs and all sorts.

    Thanks to anyone who reads either blog.

  22. If you feel like indulging someone’s shameless self-promotion why not have a look at my music blog
    It’s mildly TYSIC related as I decided yesterday I was going to give more of a damn about it and will be posting a lot more frequently now. At the moment I have 1 person following it and she is my sister, if more people followed me that would be nice although it may feel slightly like selling out.

  23. Anna says:

    Here’s my TYSIC blog
    I wish I’d named it something a bit more positive, but it’s too late now. It is, however, a bit more optimistic than the URL suggests, honestly.

  24. h2osarah says:

    I will add to the shameless self-promotion and mention that my TYSIC blog is here:
    I don’t promise daily updates, but whenever I have progress worth reporting, that’s where it’ll be.

  25. rachel says:

    one of my TYSIC goals was to have a blog, so here it is –

    its shit though (i’m currently failing at the optimism part of my TYSIC too).

  26. Chris says:

    Started a blog 2 weeks ago (thx to Mark’s TYSIC), mainly to keep a record of current darts stats and entertainment tour. I’ve started to review the events I’ve been to, but even with a good memory, it can be tough trying to remember what really happened at some of the lesser memorable nights.

    I’ve also learnt this week that even if family members acknowledged the fact I’d met Stevie Wonder’s brother, it only really sinks in when they read about it in my blog 18 months later. Weird.

  27. Rick Procter says:

    Well, here’s a recommendation for everyone – a friend of mine Mike Grant has a blog here: – there’s always a fresh post there every day, as he’s part of a group of bloggers committed by mutual peer pressure / encouragement to writing a post every single day without fail. I think it’s tagged on Twitter as #oneaday and you can follow him on Twitter @Michael_R_Grant. For that matter you can follow me on Twitter too @RickProcter – I tweet a tiny film review every time I go to the cinema. I might one day promote my own cinema blog too – after all, it is part of my TYSIC plan – but I’ve only just started it and it’s still rubbish. I’m working on it though…

  28. I have re-activated an old blog for TYSIC purposes – it’s here

    I have spent the whole of this afternoon (while my husband has been watching the rugby on TV) reading other people’s TYSIC blogs. Very interesting, but I think I will have to ration the amount of time I spend in bloggersphere in future….

  29. Lyds says:

    This is a brilliant blog written by a very intelligent lady.

  30. Katie says:

    Well, if we’re all doing it…

    I normally just talk total shit, but sometimes I can be quite insightful. Those moments are normally not recorded on the blog, however.

  31. cymruangel says:

    I like the Expat Mum, on Anglo-American relations, as I have lots of American acquaintances:

    I don’t recommend my own blog, as I post far too irregularly, but you can always click above (on my name) if you’re curious.

  32. cymruangel says:

    NB I normally use my Twitter feed as my website, but I’m making an exception since we’re talking directly about blogs.

  33. david says:

    well, not a blog, but like a blog. a vlog, almost. but not really. a youtube channel:

    Kind’ve linked to my TYSIC, in that it could become home to my efforts to be funny for a living.

  34. David Calder says:

    Well, I’m cycling around Europe at the moment and I won’t be able to start my TYSICs properly until I get back to England – some time in the summer. However, I thought I’d give my blog a shameless plug just in case it gives someone the inspiration to get on their bike. Cycling is dead easy and fun too and I’d highly recommend it – even if it’s just to go to the shops and back.

  35. Lisa Ansell says:

    Hello! I got here from a link, from my blog. And I quite like this one, and was quite chuffed that someone recommended mine. A bit worried about the whole intelligence thing, as last post was about seamonkeys. But really chuffed anyway!
    You can follow me on twitter on @lisaansell- and thank you very much for all the blog recommendations! :-D

  36. Knox says:

    Cool – I’m either subscribed to or have at least read some of all the blogs you’ve recommended, so, er, cool.

    I do have a blog, which is soon to be filled with stuff about losing weight, but also has poems and stuff. it’s

    I mostly take pictures, though, even more than write, so you can either click on my name above for my attempt to start an online gallery, or else check out my flickr – all comments welcome!

  37. Knox says:

    ps – this is my second favourite blog title so far. first was the bff one.

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